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Looking for the best way to deliver your parcel to Australia? ParcelABC has you covered. The far-away continent is mostly known for its vast deserts, beautiful beaches, and wonderful inhabitants.

If you need to send a package to Australia, ParcelABC will help you find the best way to do it. International postage, whether airmail or shipping, can be labelled as a complex operation requiring extensive legal knowledge, especially when considering the cheapest way to get a parcel into Australia, where the import laws are strict.

If you want to avoid a headache the choice is to trust a reliable postage partnerParcelABC. You can fill out a quote with the basic information about the parcel, whether it is a small packet or a large box, and we will provide you with the numerical data about import charges, postage rates and freight capabilities of various couriers and postage companies.

You can easily scroll the list to find out about the cheap way to transport a parcel from the UK to Australia. Shipping and delivering parcels take time, but if you read the information here on ParcelABC on what is legally allowed to be imported in Australia, we can guarantee that your parcel will reach the destination in Australia quickly and safe, right according to the plan.

Posting to Australia can be done via airmail or by ship. Read the text below to find out what items can be imported into Australia since the AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) along with other preventative institutions have to prohibit any illegal imports from entering the Australian state because of the unique and fragile ecosystem. By trusting ParcelABC to handle your parcel you are showing confidence in the best service to provide you with solutions in:

  • collection
  • shipping
  • postage
  • delivery

from which you can choose the most appealing option. We do not confine you to choose one specific company: ParcelABC wants to become a reliable partner and help you get the package to its destination in a cheap, quick and safe way.

How to know what is the price and what the costs will be to send a parcel to Australia?

The prices are calculated individually depending on your particular parcel. Its weight, dimensions, and content are all taken into consideration before the accurate costs can be determined. It is also related to the import laws and Australia has rather strict import laws. Thankfully, you can fill in the quote on the website to get accurate information about the costs.

What is the cheapest way to deliver my package to Australia from the UK?

In all honesty, it all depends on the parcel. By filling in the quote you can get offers from various couriers and postal companies, so it is up to you to decide on whether to go with the cheapest option or to choose a company which you have worked with before and trust. Depending on your choice, the cost of the service is going to differ.

Postage to Australia from the UK: what can I send to Australia in a parcel?

Almost anything, except a specific list of things that Australian laws forbid to import. No live animals can be imported without permission as well as seeds, herbs or leaves, plants, fresh or dried fruit and vegetables, meats and dairy products. Australia strictly monitors the imported goods in order to protect its ecosystem, because coming in contact with various unknown pests could cause irreversible harm to the environment.